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Refereed Publications


De Clercq, D., Thongpapanl, N., & Voronov, M. (2018).  Market Turbulence and Sustainable Behavior: The Critical Roles of Network Embeddedness and Innovative Orientation. Journal of Business Ethics, 148(2): 437-455. Click here for full text


Voronov, M. & Weber, K. (2017). Emotional competence, institutional ethos and the heart of institutions. Academy of Management Review,  42 (1): 556-560.  Click here for full text  

  • Invited Dialogue Response


Massa, F., Helms, W., Voronov, M., & Wang, L. (2017). Emotions Uncorked: Inspiring Evangelism for the Emerging Practice of Cool Climate Winemaking in Ontario.Academy of Management Journal, 60 (2): 461-499. Click here for full text   


Voronov, M. & Weber, K. (2016). The heart of institutions: Emotional competence and institutional actorhood. Academy of Management Review, 41 (3): 456-478. Click here for full text


Voronov, M., & Yorks, L. (2015). “Did you notice that?” Theorizing differences in the capacity to apprehend institutional contradictions. Academy of Management Review, 40 (4): 563-586.  Click here for full text


De Clercq, D., Thongpapanl, N., & Voronov, M. (2015). Explaining SMEs’ Engagement in Local Sourcing: The Roles of Location-specific Resources and Patriotism. International Small Business Journal, 33, 929-950. Click here for full text


Voronov, M. (2014). Toward a toolkit for emotionalizing institutional theory. Research on Emotion in Organizations, 10, 167-196.  Click here for full text


Hills, S., Voronov, M., & Hinings, C.R. (2013). Putting new wine in old bottles: Utilizing rhetorical history to overcome stigma associated with a previously dominant logic. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 39B, 99-137. Click here for full text


Voronov, M., De Clercq, D., & Hinings, C.R. (2013). Conformity and Distinctiveness in a Global Institutional Framework: The Legitimation of Ontario Fine Wine. Journal of Management Studies, 50 (4): 607-645. Click here for full text


Voronov, M., De Clercq, D., & Hinings, C.R. (2013). Institutional Complexity and Logic Engagement: An Investigation of Ontario Fine Wine. Human Relations, 66 (12): 1563-1596. Click here for full text


Voronov, M. & Vince, R. (2012). Integrating emotions into the analysis of institutional work. Academy of Management Review, 37 (1): 58-81Click here for full text


  • Finalist for the Best Published Paper in Organization and Management Theory Award, OMT Division of the Academy of Management, August 2013
  • Emerald Citations of Excellence for 2015 Award


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De Clercq, D., & Voronov, M. (2009). Toward a Practice Perspective of Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurial Legitimacy as Habitus. International Small Business Journal, 27(4): 395-419.


  • Winner, Best Paper of the Year Award


Research Undertaken as a Ph.D. Student


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Edited Books


Wolfram Cox, J., LeTrent-Jones, T.G., Voronov, M. and Weir, D (Eds.). (2009). Critical Management Studies at Work: Negotiating Tensions between Theory and Practice. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.


Book Chapters


Lok, J., Creed, D., DeJordy, R., & Voronov, M. Living institutions: Brining Emotions into Organizational Institutionalism. In Sage Handbook of Organizational Institutionalism (2nd Ed). Sage.


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  • Reprinted in M. West, D. Tjosvold, & K. G. Smith (Eds.) (2005), The Essentials of Teamworking: International Perspective. San Francisco: Wiley & Sons.