Practitioner reports and policy papers

I aim to make my research relevant to a variety of organizations and industries.  Yet, fruitful collaborations with passionate and enthusiastic stakeholders within whisky and wine industries have enabled me also to produce reports that are particularly relevant to those industries’ concerns. This page features some of those reports.


Whisky Industry Reports

Creating evangelists for Canadian whisky

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In this report I lay out several recommendations for creating evangelists for Canadian whisky. To create evangelists for Canadian whisky requires establishing and maintaining an authentic connection between whisky producers and consumers and key opinion makers. My approach emphasizes three components: peopleplace and partnering, what I might call, the P3 Framework of strategic communication.



Wine Industry Reports

Evangelism and the amazing spread of quality reputation of Ontario winemaking

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Summary of key recommendations based on our five year project of the Ontario wine industry. More detail is available in our Academy of Management Journal article.

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 PowerPoint Slides From the Talk

  Conversations with Goodman feature on this report

Symbolic value creation in Canadian whisky industry

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An initial snapshot of the state of the Canadian Whisky industry. Very early stages. Feedback is most welcome!



Explaining support for VQA wine in Ontario restaurant industry

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Summary of our findings on factors that influence Ontario restaurants to source local wine.